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Benefits of GRC

Glass fibres have remarkable properties which make then the ideal reinforcement for composite materials. GRC is the preferred fibre for high performance, Cement-based composites.

Mechanical Strength

As a glass fibre, GRC has a greater specific resistance (tensile strength /volumetric mass) then that of steel (3-4 times greater). This characteristic makes it ideal for the reinforcement of thin section cement and concrete products.

High Modulus

GRC has a modulus of elasticity 10 times that of most organic fibres and 3 times that of the cement matrix. This, combined with its other properties, makes it an excellent reinforcement for cementations composites.


As a mineral material, GRC is naturally incombustible. It neither propagates nor supports a flame. When exposed to heat, it does not emit smoke or toxic products.

Dimensional Stability

GRC is insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity and has a low coefficient of linear expansion.

Safe to Use

GRC is non-respirable, and therefore presents no risk to health.

Easy to Incorporate

It blends easily into cement mixes using conventional equipment. It flows easily, does not ball-up or tangle and disperses evenly throughout the mix.

Rot Resistant

GRC fibres do not rot and have a good resistance to corrosion and insect or biological attack.

High Resistance to Chemical Agents

GRC has proven resistance to chemical attack in both acid and alkali environments.